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Lombardo Consult spa, an operating holding and consultancy company, was founded to effectively share in its assets through their management and operation. Founded in 1998, the company has been keeping its expectations throughout the years, despite the unwillingness of Italian companies, SMEs in particular, to change and to apply management source data. Providing the essential management support to companies in order to grow and improve, Lombardo company defines itself as the "House of Management". Whether equity investments are involved or not, Lombardo company is ready to support companies willing to develop their business.

Its affiliated company “Nuova FMI Group srl” is a company founded in 1998 that acquired its know-how from a large Italian company, once belonging to the Iri group, known as FMI-Mecfond. Since 1929, the FMI group and its founder Bencini (from who the old laboratories took the name) have handled machinery design and manufacturing along with a wide range of products for the manufacturing of mechanical packaging. With tinplate and aluminium food and non-food containers and beverage cans (e.g. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, beer etc.), the new FMI has every technical drawings to produce machineries. Over the last century, its current and unique focus has been providing spare parts for machineries sold all around the world. A development of the company's activities has already been in place for quite some time, involving the manufacturing of small facilities in the developing countries, forecasting a number of benefits. Website: www.nuovafmigroupsrl.com

Recently Lombardo company has also become a support for a road construction company. This company has been operating in this industry for two generations and its strength lies in its working capacity. The team organisation and the time optimisation make a difference.

However, over the years, Lombardo company was active in various industries: food preservation, process lines for food preservation (vegetables, fruit, milk), dairy product production, mortar and coating manufacturing, sheet metal stamping, precision mechanical processing and carpentry.

Lombardo company has had contact with professionals and companies, belonging to various industries and its penetration capacity and information gathering make our company highly availability to analyse the know-how and turn it into an operating one. This is a quality that distinguishes us from other consultancy, static and sectional companies. Besides, we are an operating holding company able to directly enter into partnership, sharing new assets or acquiring shares from existing companies.

We are therefore happy to assist you with any specific requests, from assessing a joint venture to searching for the essential know-how, that could be of interest to your contact person.

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